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The winner of the PropTech StartUp and Scale-Up Europe Awards 2021

The European PropTech Association announces the winner of the PropTech Startup and Scale-up Europe Awards 2021, promoted and supported by the European Commission, the President of the European Parliament, the President of the Committee of the Regions, the Vice-President of the Economic and Social Committee, and several members from the European Parliament. The PropTech Startup and Scale-up Europe Awards competition is organized by the European PropTech Association (Proptech House) along with its 25 national Proptech Associations members and Finnova Foundation.

PropTech includes all innovations – technologies and business models – in the Real Estate value chain, from construction to property industries. It includes all the asset classes such as residential, retail, office, logistics, hospitality, and health care.

The winner of the 2021 edition was chosen by a jury of 70 C-level real estate professionals, out of 483 applicants from 23 countries. This year the finals were held at Realty 2021, the Belgian real estate summit, where 10 finalists pitched live on stage.


Hyperion Robotics

Represented on stage by Ashish Mohite.


The nine other finalists were:



ilke Homes

Octopus Lab



Sally R


Wallvision B.V. / ZigZagSolar


These promising European PropTech Startups and Scale-ups have been selected by no less than 70 jury members – CEOs and C-level executives – in their capacity as decision-makers of the largest construction & real estate companies in Europe. The judging rounds contain five subcategories representing the five segments that cover the complete value chain of real estate: Invest, Market, Design & Build, Manage & Operate, Live & Work.

Idriss Goossens, Co-founder of the European PropTech Association:

“It is the largest European initiative to give visibility and provide support to the rich European ecosystem of 3140 startups and scale-ups in innovation in real estate.

In almost every European country, one or more PropTech networks are active and stimulate all the new startups and scale-ups in the field of digital innovation and disruptive transformation in the real estate sector.

The mission of the European PropTech Association is to support a sustainable European PropTech market and to create a positive impact on the European living environment and beyond.

Its goals are to facilitate access to EU Funding, to scale-up cross-border collaboration, to standardize the European PropTech markets, to create a legal framework adapted to the PropTech, and to foster innovations in Real Estate.”

Dirk Paelinck, Chairman European PropTech Association:

“The timing of the 2021 edition is unique: global trends and new technologies are impacting Real Estate in a disruptive way, Covid-19 has accelerated the exponential growth of PropTech already underway, and the implementation of the EU Green Deal through new regulations and legislations will impose the fast adoption of property technology solutions.

The 2 top priorities of the European Commission are digital and green, and PropTech sits at the crossroads of both. The EU Climate Action programs and NextGeneration EU are now complemented by Bauhaus Europe as a transformational project across all departments of the European Institutions. Bauhaus Europe will translate this Green Deal into a human-centered experience, focusing on three dimensions: (1) sustainability, (2) quality of experience, (3) inclusion & affordability.”

The PropTech StartUp Europe Awards is a category within the StartUp Europe Awards’ framework (24 categories), promoted by the European Commission and implemented by Finnova Foundation, which presents a methodology for startups at the local, regional and national level, fostering open innovation and collaboration between the different actors of the European ecosystems, through the private-public partnership supporting new entrepreneurs. At the same time, it creates a network of contacts that provides visibility to all the local startups who, by using this network, are able to scale their services and products at a European and even global level.

Professor Juan Miguel Revuelta, CEO Finnova Foundation:

“Finnova is a European foundation based in Belgium, Romania, Panama, Chile and Mexico devoted to the promotion of start-ups and innovative initiatives for the collaboration between public and private entities relying on the tools offered by the European Union. Finnova Foundation, through the Startup Europe Accelerator, is willing to provide information and orientation to Startups providing disruptive innovations in the PropTech field as well as to the potential users of that innovation, such as big enterprises, real estate or the public sector seeking to innovate their management to reduce costs and improve their competitiveness.”

The European PropTech Association, together with its 24 national European PropTech Associations members, has recently started the implementation of its future plans with the European Institutions, the corporate real estate world, and the startup/scale-up ecosystem.


Idriss Goossens                           Dirk Paelinck

Co-Founder                                 Chairman & Co-founder

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