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Sofia is hosting this year’s Startup Europe Summit. And we’re here too.

The Startup Europe Summit

Sofia is the hosting city for this year’s Startup Europe Summit. This time around the topics are technology leadership, European ecosystem funding (more than €10 Billion in the pipeline) and growing your business.

The attendees will get the opportunity to exchange ideas, challenges and success stories with numerous leading tech stars and EU policymakers like Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for the Digital Economy and Society.

“Of the 223 unicorns in the world, only 23 are European…. We need StartUp Europe. We are only at the beginning.”Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for the Digital Economy and Society.

European Commission, Simon Schaefer, Founder & CEO of Factory, President of Startup Portugal and Angel Investor in Europe, Anja Monrad , Senior Vice President & General Manager at Dell EMC, CEE and chair of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition Governing Board.

They’ll also get to discover new funding opportunities and programs to support startups. Like the EU PropTech House, co-founded by Dirk Paelinck, CEO of Workero.

Workero is a digital platform enabling mobility and interaction between companies and workers by offering creative workspaces in their respective office locations. It’s a simple idea that transforms idle workspaces into places where companies and workers can connect and share knowledge. Workero enables and facilitates open innovation, collaboration and co-creation between large corporates, startups, scaleups and professional workers. Its app was developed in-house by Thierry Vermeiren, COO and his team. The Workero app enables you to connect with companies and workers, book your office or coworking desk and plan your travel itinerary on the go.

It is due to our commitment to stimulating innovation in the European Real Estate Market, that we were able to create the EU Proptech House. Its mission is to support a sustainable European PropTech market and to create a positive impact on the European living environment and beyond.

Proptech House

To achieve that mission we strive to scale up cross-border collaborations, to standardise the European PropTech markets, to create a legal framework adapted to PropTech, to foster innovation in Real Estate and to facilitate access to funding.

Businesses that have groundbreaking ideas or are straying off the beaten path to get things done in real estate, can count on the EU PropTech House for support. Those businesses will be able to get in touch with other disruptive trailblazers through the EU PropTech House.

We couldn’t have done this on our own, we joined forces with Finnova Foundation and its General Director Juan Manuel Revuelta. That collaboration also allowed us to create the Startup Europe Proptech Awards.

The PropTech StartUp Europe Awards is part of StartUp Europe , headed by mr. Isidro Laso and is an initiative of Workero and the aforementioned Finnova Foundation, supported by the European Commission, the President of the European Parliament, the President of the Committee of the Regions, the Vice-President of the Economic and Social Committee and several members of the European Parliament. SEUA is supported by the StartUp Europe Accelerator of the Finnova Foundation.

How does it work?

Every PropTech startup in Europe will have the opportunity to submit their pitches in 5 categories. Then, 50 shortlisted startups (10 per category) will be invited to a live-pitch session in March 2019 in Brussels, in the presence of the board members, the Representative of the European Commissioner and all the jury members. The winner of each category will be announced on May 15th 2019. Later on, these 5 winners will go head-to-head to determine an overall winner who’ll be announced in June 2019.

Are you part of a startup? Or do you have a product that’ll revolutionize the world of Real Estate? Sign up for the Startup Europe Proptech Awards. You’ll get the opportunity to pitch to leading tech innovators and members of the European Commission.

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