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PropTech StartUp & ScaleUp Europe Awards 2019

Dirk Paelinck and  Idriss Goossens of the  EU PropTech House, on October 10th, 2019 at the Committee of the Regions (EU) in Brussels, officially launched the brand new PropTech StartUp & ScaleUp Europe Awards 2019, supported and promoted by the European Commission & Finnova Foundation, supported by the President of the European Parliament, the President of the Committee of the Regions, the Vice-President of the Economic and Social Committee and several members from the European Parliament.

This year’s PropTech StartUp & Scaleup Europe Awards, is the 2nd edition of the 1st European initiative to give visibility and support to the most promising start-ups and scale-ups in innovation in real estate. An edition destined for success, as all European PropTech networks are involved. They support all the new start-ups and scale-ups in the field of innovation and disruptive transformation in the real estate sector.

Last year we had applicants from all over Europe,  of which we selected 50 innovative PropTech start-ups to pitch at the Semi-Finals in Brussels. Sensoneo was elected as the overall winner. This Slovakian waste management start-up won thanks to its innovative solution for effective and efficient handling of waste. This year things will be slightly different.

Dirk Paelinck & Idriss Goossens (EU PropTech House): “The launch of the second edition of the PropTech StartUp & ScaleUp Europe Awards is clearly a sign of a rising recognition by the European Commission of the importance and the huge potential of the innovative PropTech industry reshaping traditional real estate. We are now also engaged in 2 specific Pilots with the EC: the first one relates to the challenges/issues which  our startups/Scale-ups face in a specific EU context, the second one is involved in the brand new ESCALAR program that is going to start in 2020 and is aimed at bridging the famous equity gaps currently hindering the growth of our starters.”

Professor Juanma Revuelta (Finnova Foundation): “Finnova, through the Startup & Scale-Up Europe Accelerator, is willing to provide information and orientation to start-ups  & scale-ups providing disruptive innovations in the PropTech field as well as to the potential users of that innovation, such as big enterprises, Real Estate or the public sector seeking to innovate their management to reduce costs and improve their competitiveness.

The mission of the EU PropTech House is to act as liaison with the EU Commission, to scale-up cross-border collaboration, to facilitate access to EU Funding, to harmonize the fragmented European PropTech market, to create a legal framework adapted to new Tech and also a framework fostering innovation for RE professionals.

So, what’s new? We decided to invite scale-ups to compete for the awards. The most innovative scale-ups will be selected to compete in their competition of their own. You are a scale-up if you meet at least 2 of these 3 conditions: (1) created 5 years ago, or more, (2) turnover of more than 2 million, (3) active in 3 geographical markets.

Last year’s StartUp Europe award ceremony at Mipim Paris. Sensoneo was elected winner ahead of Mapple, Bepark, Sensorberg, Halio, Realiz3d, CAD.42, BuildSafe and HomeBeat.

The PropTech StartUp & ScaleUp Europe Awards 2019 will have 5 subcategories in both categories: Invest, Market, Design & Build, Manage & Operate, Live & Work. As there can only be one winner in each category, all the subcategory winners will go head-to-head to determine the 2  overall winners of each category.

All European PropTech startups & scaleups are invited to submit their case until January 31st on the website of the EU PropTech House  ( Our professional jury will rate the projects.

The jury is composed of industry experts from across Europe and of the national members of PropTech House. Judging procedures will run from February 1st until March 31st, 2020. The 50 shortlisted start-ups & scale-ups (10 per category)  will be announced on April 5th and will be invited to a live-pitch session on May 4th in Brussels. The final ceremony for the Awards will be held on June 2020 at MIPIM PropTech.

The PropTech StartUp & ScaleUp Europe Awards is a brand new category within the StartUp & ScaleUp Europe Awards’ framework (22 categories), promoted by the European Commission and implemented by Finnova Foundation, which presents a prize methodology for start-ups & scale-ups at local, regional and national level, fostering open innovation and collaboration between the different actors of the European ecosystems, through the private-public partnership supporting new entrepreneurs. 

Calling all proptech start-ups & scale-ups: as of today, you can apply for the 2nd edition of the StartUp & ScaleUp Proptech Europe Awards 2019, promoted by the European Commission and implemented by the Finnova Foundation the EU PropTech House and Workero.

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