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Meet 6 Inspiring European PropTech Awards Judges

With Realty 2023 just one day away, we thought it would be great opportunity to meet the expert judges on the PropTech Awards Panel.

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Before we go any further, if you are new to the European Proptech Awards, check out the schedule and steps this year’s applicants went through.

European PropTech Awards Judges, 2023

Meet the Esteemed Judges of Realty 2023 Real Estate Summit Awards

The Realty 2023 Real Estate Summit is right around the corner, and it promises to be an event of great significance in the real estate industry. One of the highlights of this summit is the Realty Awards, which recognizes excellence and innovation in the real estate sector. These awards are adjudicated by a panel of distinguished judges, and here are a few of them:

1. Tim Weyts

  • Role: SME Business Development Director Europe
  • Company: SD Worx Belgium
  • Experience: Tim Weyts is an HR sparring partner for SMEs with over 5 years of experience. He thinks along with companies in a pragmatic and proactive way. His skills include stakeholder management, and he has served as an office director in Turnhout. Tim’s focus is on helping entrepreneurs with their human resources management, emphasizing a no-nonsense and pragmatic approach. LinkedIn Profile

2. Alfredo Diaz-Araque Moro

  • Role: Real Estate Expert
  • Location: Greater Madrid Metropolitan Area
  • Experience: Alfredo Diaz-Araque Moro is a real estate expert with a keen interest in digital transformation and proptech. He has been a member of the IE Real Estate Club since its inception and served as its President. His extensive experience in the real estate sector makes him a valuable judge for the Realty Awards. LinkedIn Profile

3. Chiara Tagliaro

  • Role: Full-time Researcher and Consultant
  • Affiliation: REC – Real Estate Center | Politecnico di Milano
  • Location: Milan, Lombardy, Italy
  • Expertise: Chiara Tagliaro is a researcher and consultant specializing in workplace management and corporate real estate. She focuses on driving sustainability and innovation in these areas. Chiara is known for her digital-focused and user-centered approach. She is also a co-founder of the Italian PropTech Network. LinkedIn Profile

4. Julia Arlt (Parvanta)

  • Role: Global Digital Real Estate Leader
  • Company: PwC
  • Location: Sydney, Australia
  • Experience: Julia Arlt (Parvanta) is an entrepreneur, investor, sustainability expert, keynote speaker, author, and mentor. She currently serves as the Global Digital Real Estate Leader at PwC. With extensive experience and a global perspective, Julia brings a wealth of knowledge to the judging panel. LinkedIn Profile

As we delve deeper into the line-up of judges for the Realty 2023 Real Estate Summit Awards, it becomes evident that this esteemed panel brings a wealth of experience and expertise from various corners of the real estate world. Let’s meet a few more judges who will play a pivotal role in recognizing excellence in the industry.

5. Noémie de Crombrugghe

  • Role: Marketing Specialist – Ecosystem
  • Current Engagement: Freelance at RENO+
  • Experience: Noémie is a seasoned marketing specialist with a unique focus on the real estate ecosystem. She has been contributing her expertise since January 2023, and her diverse experiences include lecturing at Solvay Lifelong Learning and serving as the Head of Innovation at Vicinity. Noémie’s commitment to innovation and her extensive involvement in the real estate sector make her a valuable addition to the judging panel. LinkedIn Profile

6. Grigor Hadjiev

  • Role: Global Head of Innovation & European Sustainability
  • Company: PIMCO Prime Real Estate
  • Location: Paris, Île-de-France, France
  • Experience: Grigor Hadjiev is a seasoned professional with a strong background in real estate innovation and sustainability. He holds the position of Global Head of Innovation & European Sustainability at PIMCO Prime Real Estate. Grigor’s expertise extends to areas such as ESG, data asset management, and cyber security. His valuable insights will contribute significantly to the evaluation process. LinkedIn Profile

These esteemed judges, with their diverse backgrounds and extensive expertise in the real estate industry, will play a pivotal role in evaluating and recognizing the outstanding achievements and innovations in the field. Their insights and evaluations will be a critical part of the Realty 2023 Real Estate Summit Awards, making this event a platform for celebrating excellence in real estate. Stay tuned for the results and announcements during the summit!

Check out the European PropTech Association LinkedIn for testimonials from last year’s participants.

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