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Leko Labs Wins European PropTech Association Startup & Scaleup Europe Award 2023

Innovation and sustainability are at the forefront of change. Recognizing these transformative efforts, the European PropTech Association recently held its PropTech Startup & Scaleup Europe Awards 2023. This prestigious event brought together visionaries, entrepreneurs, and experts in the field to celebrate groundbreaking achievements in property technology. Among the standout top 3 was winners Leko Labs, a company committed to revolutionizing sustainable housing and construction.

The European PropTech Startup & Scale Up Awards

European PropTech Awards 2023 Top 50 Companies

The PropTech Startup & Scaleup Europe Awards 2023, supported and promoted by the European Commission, by the President of the European Parliament, the President of the European Committee of the Regions the Regions, the Vice-President of the European Economic and Social Committee and several members from the European Parliament, are organised by European PropTech Association – PropTech House , FINNOVA (EU) and all the European PropTech/Contech Associations is a platform designed to showcase and honor outstanding achievements in the property technology sector. This annual event gathers leaders, investors, and innovators to recognize groundbreaking projects and solutions that are reshaping the real estate and construction industries. It serves as a catalyst for fostering innovation and driving the industry towards a more sustainable and tech-driven future.

Insights into the Esteemed Judges at this year’s awards

Grigor Hadjiev Judge at European PropTech Awards

The competition was judged by a panel of 70 experts, each with a deep understanding of the real estate and construction sectors. These judges meticulously evaluated each submission, considering factors such as innovation, sustainability, and impact on the industry. We previously wrote an article highlighting the background of 6 of the judges, but for convenience we have summarised this below to give you a taste of the experts in attendance.

  1. Tim Weyts: Serving as SME Business Development Director Europe at SD Worx Belgium, Tim Weyts brings over 5 years of experience as an HR sparring partner for SMEs.
  2. Rune Augenstein: Rune Augenstein is a seasoned Managing Director with a proven track record in the real estate sector. He brings a wealth of expertise in areas such as Operations Management, Coaching, Emerging Technologies, Engineering, and Project Engineering. With a solid educational background, Rune holds a Master of Science (MSc) specializing in Real Estate Management from Kungliga tekniska högskolan and a Master of Management degree with a focus on strategy and innovation from BI. His strong business acumen and diverse skill set make him a valuable asset in the industry.
  3. Gregory Pitl: Gregory has been a driving force at PATRIZIA AG for over 11 years, where he currently serves as part of the Innovation & Technology team. In his role, he leads the deal team during the investment process in PATRIZIA’s strategic tech investments, strategically collaborates with start-up management post-investment, and executes various pilot projects with promising start-ups on both operational and corporate levels. He’s also a seasoned public speaker, having participated in several panels and delivered keynotes.
  4. Julia Arlt (Parvanta): Julia, currently the Global Digital Real Estate Leader at PwC in Sydney, Australia, is a multi-faceted professional with extensive experience, including entrepreneurship, sustainability, and mentorship.
  5. Andrew Knight:A seasoned professional in data and technology thought leadership, with a focus on analytics and a strong background in relationship management and commercial expertise. Andrew is currently a driving force at RICS, the global professional body for valuation, land, property, construction, and infrastructure. As the Global Data & Tech Lead, Andrew is responsible for leading and developing programs that enhance and promote the adoption of RICS’ Data Standards. These standards play a crucial role in supporting data exchange among service providers, technology companies, and end-users in the built environment and valuation sectors, facilitating efficient and effective data sharing.
  6. Grigor Hadjiev: Holding the position of Global Head of Innovation & European Sustainability at PIMCO Prime Real Estate in Paris, France, Grigor is an expert in real estate innovation, sustainability, ESG, data asset management, and cybersecurity.

These esteemed judges, with their diverse expertise, will play a crucial role in evaluating and recognizing outstanding achievements and innovations in the real estate industry. Their insights will be instrumental in making the PropTech Startup & Scaleup Europe Awards 2023 a platform for celebrating excellence in real estate.

Dirk Paelinck plays a pivotal role, not just as moderator but as the Chairman of the European PropTech Association. His extensive knowledge and leadership in the field ensured that the awards were a true reflection of the transformative potential of proptech.

Leko Labs: A Champion of Sustainable Construction

Leko Labs European PropTech Awards

Leko Labs, the brainchild of François Cordier, emerged as the shining stars of the PropTech Startup & Scaleup Europe Awards 2023. François Cordier’s passion for construction and sustainable housing led him to create Leko Labs. With a background in timber engineering and architecture, Cordier’s vision was to accelerate the global transition towards sustainable housing.

Leko Labs has made substantial progress in achieving this goal by developing a patented wooden constructive system that offers a sustainable alternative to traditional steel and concrete construction methods. Their innovative wood composite product boasts remarkable strength, capable of replacing up to 75% of the concrete and steel typically used in building construction.

What sets Leko Labs apart is its commitment to being “carbon negative.” By using sustainably sourced wood and employing a circular manufacturing process, Leko Labs aims to significantly reduce carbon emissions associated with construction. Their engineered wood not only has superior insulation properties but also enables thinner walls, resulting in better heating and cooling performance and increased floor space.

Leko Labs claims that its construction methods can potentially make buildings carbon-neutral over their entire lifetime, contributing to global efforts to combat climate change.

The Future of Construction with Leko Labs

Leko Labs’ innovative approach doesn’t stop at sustainable materials. They also employ an advanced robotics-driven construction process, significantly reducing build times and optimizing building design. Their software platform utilizes algorithms to minimize wood usage, enhance thermal and acoustic properties, and address common challenges associated with wooden buildings.

With a vision to scale its software and robotics construction system across Europe, including in Germany, the Nordics, and the U.K., Leko Labs is poised to reshape the construction industry.

Leko Labs’ commitment to smart, sustainable, and efficient construction aligns perfectly with the goals of the European PropTech Association. Their success at the 2023 awards underscores the importance of innovation in shaping the future of real estate and construction.

How to Enter the European PropTech Awards 2024

If you are inspired by the success of companies like Leko Labs and want to showcase your own innovative PropTech solutions, you can look forward to the European PropTech Awards in 2024.

Stay tuned for announcements and updates on the submission process, and be prepared to be a part of the next wave of transformative technologies that are revolutionizing the real estate and construction industries.

Together, we will build a more sustainable and tech-driven future for the world of property and construction.

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