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Our mission is to support a sustainable European PropTech market and to create a positive impact on the European living environment and beyond.
Our objectives: to scale up cross-border collaborations, to standardise the European PropTech markets, to create a legal framework adapted to PropTech, to foster innovation in Real Estate and to facilitate access to funding.

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The 4th edition of the PropTech Startup & Scale-Up Europe Awards is now live! PropTech StartUp & Scale-up Europe Awards 2022 is part of StartUp Europe and is an initiative promoted and supported by of the European Commission, and implemented by the European PropTech Association and Finnova Foundation. It is supported by the President of the European Parliament, the President of the Committee of the Regions, the Vice-President of the Economic and Social Committee and several members from the European Parliament.

The PropTech Startup & Scale-up Europe Awards 2022 will have 5 subcategories: Finance & Invest, Design & Build, Market & Transact, Manage & Operate, Live & Work.

All European PropTech startups & Scale-ups are invited to submit their case between November 5th, 2022 and March 10th, 2022 on the website of the European PropTech Association.

The professional jury will rate the projects in every respective category. The jury is composed of industry experts from across Europe and of the board members of the European PropTech Association. Judging procedures will run until the 30th of April 2022.

The 50 shortlisted startups will be invited to the Semi-Final, a live-pitch session on the 27th and 28th of June 2022in Brussels, in the presence of the board members, the Representative of the European Commissioner and all the jury members.

The ceremony for the Awards and the Finals pitching will be held in Brussel during the month of September 2022 in the presence of a representative of the European Commission.

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    PropTech Startup & Scale-Up Europe Awards 2022

    December 15th 2021 to March 10th 2022

    Submit your application

    Submit your application in one of the categories and become one of the driving startups within the EU

    March 11th 2022 to April 30th 2022

    Rating by jury members

    Our professional jury will rate the projects in one of the respective categories. The jury is composed of industry experts across Europe and by the board members of PropTech House and will judge in 2 general divisions (Startup & Scale-up)

    June 27th and 28th 2022

    Semi-Final : Pitching session in Brussels

    The 50 shortlisted startups (10 per category) will be invited to a live-pitch session in Brussels in both the divisions Startup & Scale-up

    September 2022

    Announcement of the winners in each category and division at MIPIM

    PropTech StartUp & Scale-up Europe Awards Ceremony PropTech EUROPE, Brussels


    The roadmap to The European PropTech market

    Our mission is to harmonize the fragmented European PropTech market, to strengthen the European PropTech economy and to help European institutions creating a legal framework adapted to new technologies of PropTech and a legal framework which fosters innovations in Real Estate. We are here to help startups & scale-ups to export in new European markets. Together with Workero, Finnova and all the National PropTech Initiatives, we aim to structure the consolidation of the European PropTech Economy.

    Our first goal? To promote the contacts with the EU Commission and the European Innovation Council, to scale up cross-border collaboration and to facilitate access to EU Funding.

    In 2019 we opened up the EU PropTech House in Brussels, part of co-working space as a bridge between PropTech startups, scale-ups & projects. This House will provide in-house services for facilitating access to European funding programs, such as the Horizon Europe Instrument.

    Next steps:

    EU PropTech Network
    EU PropTech Watch: Market analysis
    EU PropTech Fund
    EU PropTech Lobby

    Discover the semifinalists in each category of the 2021 Awards

    Manage & Operate

    Management of buildings, as operator, property manager, facility manager, asset manager.

    Market & Transact

    Commercialization of the building.

    Finance & Invest

    The beginning of any real estate project, the selection of the site, the investment and financing phase.

    Design & Build

    The design of the buildings, the execution of the construction works, up to the handover of the buildings.

    Live & Work

    New technology, or service (access controls, air quality monitoring, community management solutions) impacting the end-user experience.

    Startups on Manage & Operate

    • Spotscale
    • Rysta
    • Hero Balancer
    • BePark
    • BuildingMinds
    • ClevAir
    • Cubelizer
    • Cyprès International
    • Dabbel
    • Infogrid
    • Metr Building
    • Myrsproven AB
    • NorthQ ApS
    • Nuki Home Solutions
    • OrthoGraph Kft
    • ParkBee
    • Sally R
    • Smartvatten
    • Spaceflow
    • UbiqiSense ApS
    • JuJu Suite
    • Bao Living
    • BidX1
    • Emonitor
    • Homepal
    • PriceHubble
    • R2B
    • Wunderflats
    • Hyperion Robotics
    • Aerones SIA
    • Rockestate
    • Greenpass
    • Ilke Homes
    • JuuNoo
    • OMRT
    • Planalogic
    • Project Etopia
    • Wallvision / ZigZagSolar
    • Bespaced
    • Citibox
    • Enerbrain
    • Mapita Oy
    • Octopus Lab
    • R8tech
    • Mobypark


    Discover the European Proptech Association

    The European PropTech Association is the alliance of 24 National PropTech networks in Europe.

    Dirk Paelinck

    Chairman European PropTech Association

    Juan Manuel Revuelta

    CEO Finnova

    Idriss Goossens

    Representing Belgium, Founding board member EU PropTech House

    Bartosz Dobrowolski

    Representing Poland, Founding Board Member of PropTech House

    Rodrigo Garcia de la Cruz

    Representing Spain, Founding Board Member of PropTech House

    Boris Andric

    Representing Balcan Countries , Founding Board Member of PropTech House

    Menno Lammers

    Representing The Netherlands, Founding Board member of PropTech House

    Hannu Käki

    Representing Finland, Partner at the PropTech House

    Sylvia Pavlova

    Representing Bulgaria, International Startup Mentor for startups in the UK, UAE, Bulgaria, Austria, Greece Founder, The PrEXCELerator

    Wouter Truffino

    #PropTech A Better Built Environment * International Motivational Speaker * Top 10 Influencer in The World

    Magnus Svantegard

    Partner Stronghold Invest. Senior Advisor Datscha. Member of the Board Newsec Nordic Advisory.

    Sindre Ostgard

    Partner at Proptech Norway, Kahoot! Board of Directors

    Pierre Leroy

    CO Founder EP / President French Proptech

    Nadim Stub

    Building a Real Estate Innovation Hub in Denmark for owners, operators, innovators and end-users #proptech

    Laurent Rouach

    Entrepreneur & investor. Co-founder at LuxPropTech

    Smaranda Ignat


    Alexander Ubach-Utermöhl


    Milan Bogar


    Roger Tofft


    Zoltan Kalmar

    Director PropTech Hungary

    Why Apply


    Prize award of 10.000 €

    Prize award of 10.000 €

    Prize award of 10.000 euro in services

    Coaching to apply for EU funding programs such as Horizon 2020, SME instrument

    Coaching to apply for EU funding programs such as Horizon 2020, SME instrument

    Get coaching, support and advice from our in-house team to apply for subsidies in various EU funding programs.

    European Recognition

    European Recognition

    Be recognized by the European Commission and top investors as the most promising PropTech startup or Scale-Up of Europe in your category and ultimately as the most innovative European PropTech Start-up or Scale-Up 2022.

    Be listed on PropTech House

    Be listed on PropTech House

    Become listed on PropTech House, and use PropTech House to consolidate your startup (apply to an accelerator, apply for funding, execute a M&A...)

    Access to Work space

    Access to Work space

    Free access to the workspace of the EU PropTech House at Workero in Brussels during 1 year.

    Privileged access Investors and Subsidy

    Privileged access Investors and Subsidy

    Privileged access to investors & Advice on subsidy opportunities


    Who won the PropTech Startup & Scale-Up Europe Awards 2021 and why?

    In this article, we'll look at how the yearly Proptech Startup & Scale-up Europe Awards winner is selected, and why this Award is important for proptech startups.

    The winner of the PropTech StartUp and Scale-Up Europe Awards 2021

    We are proud to announce the winner of the PropTech StartUp and Scale-Up Europe Awards 2021!

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